All your romantic mood and imagination is devoted to the details of an ideal wedding, the wedding gown, the venue of the ceremony, the reception and, of course, the blissful first night.

You have imagined these moments in the most magical settings, with the most beautiful colours, and you almost feel a gentle breeze stroking you as you daydream.

So, if you are looking for an idyllic place to unite before God and men with the love of your life, come to the sanctuary of Dionysus – god of fertility and libido – is the perfect choice . Come to the dream island of Skiathos with its emerald shores and rosy beaches. The wonderful nature of the island with thousands of scents, where the green of the lush vegetation is alternated with the blue of the vast Aegean Sea, will renew your love and make you forget anything prosaic and ephemeral, making you feel special and stopping time.

KIVO Art & Gourmet Hotel, given its idyllic location, has extensive experience in organizing weddings from the first to the last detail, culminating in the reception at the time of sunset around the pool overlooking the Aegean, decorated with lanterns and candles floating in water; a truly magical setting.

As for the blissful first night, the bridal suite decorated with flowers along with chilled champagne will be awaiting for your private celebration for two. The elegant spot to enjoy breakfast on the first day of your common life, overlooking the endless blue sea, and the infinity pool will make you feel like you are floating on the same level as the Aegean Sea, complementing the backdrop of images and composing the most beautiful album of your life.