The Barrel Aged Negroni Cocktail by Kivo’s Mixologist


The Barrel Aged Negroni Cocktail by Kivo’s Mixologist

Presenting our newest cocktail: The Barrel Aged Negroni


Kivo’s Cocktail Barrels

This summer Kivo Skiathos Collection will feature an all-new speciality cocktail which will blow all cocktail lovers away!

Marios Gkiatis, our cocktail mixologist, brings to the table the Barrel Aged Negroni.

The Ingredients

The classic cocktail is blend of gin, red wine, and Campari, but this season Kivo Skiathos Collection will take this cocktail to another level.

From Aged to Fresh?

Using the trendsetting technique from bottle to barrel, the fruity red wine “Moshato Lymnou” is aged in a 3-litre wooden barrel for 30 days bringing out a rich flavor and unique aroma.


The Barrel Aged Negroni Cocktail

The highlight of this cocktail are the fresh rose petals, hand-picked from Kivo Hotel’s garden, which are left to sit in the gin making it the perfect component in determining just how flavorful this spirit becomes.

With these ingredients infused together – Negroni is the ideal choice for some age-induced rounding and mellowing.

The final result is worth the twenty weeks’ wait and is served in a chilled martini glass with a spray of orange-flavored essential oils, presenting to guests a deep orange cocktail with an old-fashioned twist!

Where to try this cocktail to beat the summer heat ?

Set your food experience at Kivo Art & Gourmet Hotel, Kivo Creative Greek Restaurant, Kivo Cellar & Wine Bar or Kivo Sushi Bar and end the evening off with our delicious new creation!

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