Kivo Products

We at Kivo Skiathos Collection group, anxious to continuously update and always offer the best quality to our customers, have launched a range of Kivo Food & Wine products from selected producers in the broader region, closely monitoring all stages of the production process. All products, infused with the unique fragrances of Greece, are manufactured and packaged according to European standards and carry the appropriate quality certifications.

The first three such products, olive oil, vinegar and herb-scented soaps, are already available at Kivo Art & Gourmet Hotel premises. Wine, olives and herbs are in the pipeline.

The first three products already out on the premises of Kivo Art & Gourmet Hotel are olive oil, vinegar and scented soaps with herbs, and soon wine, olives, herbs etc. are about to follow.


Kivo Food & Wine offers extra virgin olive oil from selected olive groves on Skiathos and Pelion, in elegant glass bottles of 250ml and 500ml. This high quality and nutritional value olive oil is produced in modern facilities, according to international HACCP specifications and environmental protection standards.


Kivo Food & Wine presents red wine vinegar and balsamic vinegar in a stylish 250ml package. This vinegar, like all other products, is produced with care by selected wine producers and packers and is a result of a continuous effort for innovative products and unique flavours that caress the palate and the “what is missing” factor in foods and salads.


Kivo Food & Wine selects only pure organic products, suitable for the most sensitive organisms, and brings you exquisite green and white olive oil soaps, suitable for the face, hair and the entire body. They combat dryness and are rich in vitamins A and E, as well as appropriate for washing delicate fabrics.

Alongside, comes a series of fine organic soaps from olive oil with various herbs and other beneficial ingredients, each of which is appropriate for specific conditions and sensitivities, such as soap with honey that is ideal for dry skin and a hypoallergenic soap with chamomile suited for sensitive skins.