KiVo Mixologists Creates Greek Cocktails

The endless variety of Greek flora is not just a source of inspiration for many accomplished chefs. It also drives forward the imagination and experimentation of many bold bartenders and mixologists. Kivo’s expert mixologists Antonis Kountrias & Marios Gkiatis taps spices, Greek herbs, fruit and spirits to craft new, well-balanced cocktails that you may enjoy at any time -by the pool, to whet your appetite before dinner or as nightcaps that will help you digest. They are exciting combinations that give the adventurous drinker new ideas and experiences to take with them into future tastings.



Cocktail name: Tipsy chamomile by Marios Gkiatis (KiVo mixologist)

A sweet and sour cocktail based on aged tsipouro –scented with chamomile and combined with limoncello, cinnamon, fresh lime juice and pineapple.