Kivo launches Mikros Vasilias Wit Beer


Kivo Skiathos Collection: Celebrates its new craft wit beer launch

  Beer is great during all seasons and what is a better way to cool you down on a summer’s day than a refreshing beer? That’s why this summer Kivo Art & Gourmet Hotel has decided to create the perfect craft beer to refresh your taste buds!


Mikros Vasilias Wit Beer

Kivo Skiathos Collection introduces to you Mikros Vassilias- Wit Beer a new malt-forward craft beer, with notes of citrus and coriander, and an alluring but not overpowering sweet spice taste!

Kivo’s new beer launch has been created by Antonios Maniatis, founder of Kivo Skiathos Collection alongside with two respected brewers, Pol Emmanouilidis owner of BeerDeli and Vasilis Katsaros , and combining their inspirations together and love for beer they have created the first locally made craft beer in Skiathos!

The result, a Belgium Wit beer called Mikros Vassilias

Aroma: This beer has a malty sweetness to it with light notes of honey and light spicy wheat aromatics! Coriander gives this beer a spicy-hop aroma with a peppery note in the background!

Taste: Very light malty-sweet grain flavour balanced by a citrusy orange fruitiness and with its a dry, tart finish, makes this the perfect brew to cool you down in the summer! Being refreshingly crisp, it is immediately like-able for all seasons!

Apperance: This all -Belguim inspired beer has a distinctive blend of malted wheat resulting in a characteristic cloudy, straw colour.

Pairing: Mikros Vassilias beers is brewed onsite and fresh paired with our delicious gourmet Greek cuisine at our restaurant! Eat here at Kivo Creative Greek Cuisine Restaurant and try our steamed mussels or seafood giouvetsi with our new beer! The fizz in this beer will counteract the richness of the dish, especially if you add a squirt of lemon to the dish!

The lightness of body from the wheat and a firm tartness from the hops, bitter orange, and yeast offset perfectly the sweetness of the sweet orange, making this among the most refreshing of beer styles.


  Where to try this beer to beat the summer heat ?

Set your food experience at Kivo Art & Gourmet Hotel, Kivo Creative Greek Restaurant, Kivo Cellar & Wine Bar or Kivo Sushi Bar and end the evening off with our delicious new creation!

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