Cellar & Wine Bar in Skiathos

The right choice of wine can undoubtedly enhances one’s dining experience.

Take part in the evening wine-tasting sessions at Kivo Cellar & Wine Bar, sampling new generation Greek wines as you indulge in the superb delicacies of acclaimed chef Giannis Baxevanis.

Kivo Cellar & Wine Bar’s award-winning wine list is available to connoisseurs and otherwise, with fine Greek new generation wines and an excellent range of international aged vintages. If you cannot decide, just let us recommend a label that will make your dinner unforgettable.


At KIVO RESTAURANTS, along with the delicious flavours, you can also try fine wines from our selected, award-winning list. Our accomplished sommelier, Vassilis Katsaros, has selected wines from Greek and international vineyards, solely guided by quality and maximum flavour harmony with our culinary creations.

Apart from the careful selection of wines, special attention has been given to the storage conditions. Therefore we have created a cellar, where the wines rest and age under ideal temperature and humidity conditions. Thus, when ordering a bottle of wine, you can be sure it is brought to your table in the best possible condition, ready to offer you wonderful moments of relaxation and flavour. Another “plus” at KIVO RESTAURANTS is also the possibility to select a wine from a more specialized list, including aged wines. In special moments, immerse yourself to the opportunity to try unique and rare wines.

Welcome to KIVO RESTAURANTS, where the intoxicating journey of exquisite taste begins…

Top quality accommodation services and one of the most famous wine cellars on the Greek islands can be found at KIVO ART & GOURMET HOTEL! The right choice of wine can maximize your tasting experience and boost your mood!

KIVO CELLAR WINE BAR & CELLAR’s award winning wine list is waiting for you! And it will be our pleasure to recommend the right label for you that will make your dinner unforgettable!