ITB is the World’s leading travel trade show in Berlin where all the travel experts are gathered from all over the world including various hotels, tour operators, travel agencies and more so Kivo Art & Gourmet Hotel’s attendance was a must!!

Over the course of 3 days, we gathered information about new innovative products and services to enhance our guests experience even more this summer!

Most importantly, Kivo made new deals with several countries such as with the UK, USA, Australia, France, Germany, Austria and Scandinavia, in order to make guests coming from these countries holiday planning easier or even to have a perfect destination wedding! But it doesn’t end here!

Guests visiting will not only have the opportunity to dine at Kivo Restaurant and experience our award winning and Michelin star chefs culinary vision but will also have the chance to experience our cooking courses of Greek gourmet cuisine, wine tasting with exclusive Greek wines only for our guests, craft beer tasting nights overlooking the Aegean Sea, Photography courses and sailing trips to nearby islands for adventurers! Plus, let’s not forget we are beginning our season with a yoga and meditation retreat bringing wellness to its best in a setting to remember!


Also, for all the art lovers, Kivo Art Gallery is preparing yet again another contemporary art exhibition by top Greek artists!

We aim to provide an unforgettable experience for all those who wish to visit our hotel and leave no wishes unfulfilled!





Thank you to all of those who took the time to visit our stand! See you all next year!





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