Kivo Art Gallery invites you to The Art International Contemporary Art Fair Exhibition in Thessaloniki

Kivo Art Gallery invites you to The Art International Contemporary Art Fair Exhibition in Thessaloniki, Greece

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International Contemporary Art Fair 2016

International Contemporary Art Fair 2016

This year for the first time there will be the biggest International Contemporary Art Fair in Thessaloniki and we are proudly announcing that Kivo Art Gallery will be joining!

An array of 76 contemporary artists from all over the world with their internationally acclaimed artwork will be gathered together, exchanging artistic cultural differences hence making this the must-see exhibition for perfect inspiration!

Amongst these artists will be Volos-based artist Konstantinos Komninos, a well-known recognized artist in Greece known for his contemporary art work and unique vibrantly coloured paintings! Kostantinos Komninos has been with Kivo Art Gallery since the beginning of 2014. We’ve had the pleasure of not only exhibiting and promoting his own beautiful paintings in Kivo Art Gallery but also watching as he uses his passion to transform the lives of the young artists around him. Komninos teaches numerous classes in Volos to artists of all ages and is always working on new projects that allow his students to experiment with their own styles of expression. 

Showcasing with him is Lydia Statiri – another Greek contemporary artist who has had many exhibitions throughout Europe such as at Christine Park Gallery in the UK and at MCO Art Gallery in Portugal.

The 1st edition of International Contemporary Art Fair will be held from 01 to 04 December 2016 so if you are in Thessaloniki don’t miss out!

Visit Art Thessaloniki's official website

Visit Art Thessaloniki’s official website


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