“FETA WITH THE QUEEN” – Stand-Up Comedy – By Katerina Vrana

  • Location: Skiathos Island, Greece
  • Venue 1: Kivo Art & Gourmet Hotel, Vasilias Beach
  • Dates: 16/07/2015

Kivo Stand-Up Comedy Day

“FETA WITH THE QUEEN” by Katerina Vrana  (English Version)

Fresh! Exciting! GREEK!
Born-and-raised Athenian Katerina Vrana cordially invites you to partake of Feta With The Queen

This is a show about Katerina.
It’s about her experiences as a Greek abroad.
It’s about the countries she has lived in and travelled through, re-examining stereotypes, languages, habits and plumbing.
She’s Greek, based in London, has lived in India and has performed in Greece, the UK, the US, Australia and at various border controls.

Are you of any nationality?
Have you travelled to another country?
Then this show is for you.


“Stand Up doesn’t get better than this. Intelligent content; expertly crafted humour; deliciously responsive audience dynamic and performance skill so good it actually hurts a little bit… Vrana’s set is one of the cleverest, funniest most skilfully delivered shows I’ve seen, ever.”
– ***** Everything Theatre (

“Katerina Vrana’s multinational show is the kind of comedy gold that makes the Fringe all the more worthwhile. …She clearly has inexhaustible material and an abundance of personality to continue filling rooms for years to come. Definitely one to watch.”
– ***** Broadway Baby (Edinburgh Fringe 2013)

“Continual laughter and many an exclamation of “It’s so true!” could be heard from an audience enamoured by the charming, outrageous Vrana – …there is nothing poor about this Greek’s performance.”
– ***** Three Weeks (Edinburgh Fringe 2013)

“A solid hour of laughs”
– Yawp! ( Melbourne International Comedy Festival

“An hour-long show full of hilarious opposites.
She doesn’t go for the easy targets – this isn’t a show about the crisis, nor is it aimed at creating one-dimensional stereotypes.
Rather, it’s filled with little hilarious vignettes about how much Katerina loves her homeland, and how much she loves her adoptive one.”
– Neos Kosmos (Melbourne Australia) Melbourne International Comedy Festival

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