The KIVO brand name is permeated by art in all its forms and, therefore, the absence of a gallery in the town centre would come amiss.

The main aim of Kivo Art Gallery is the promotion of the work of modern and accomplished creators, both Greek and foreign. Its exhibition activity is marked by pluralism and diversity, in regards to both the forms it presents and the means by which these are expressed.

Equally important is the highlighting, promotion and dissemination of the work of young artists. For this reason, every summer we will be hosting a group exhibition of artworks of new artists.

Kivo Art & Gourmet Hotel Art Gallery

Vasilias Beach, Skiathos


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Art exhibitions in Skiathos

Kivo Art & Gourmet Hotel expands its artistic interests organizing two Greek contemporary art exhibitions in Skiathos during summer season.

The first exhibition will begin during the hotel’s opening day and the second in August.

After our last year’s participation in the ‘1st Contemporary Art Festival in Skiathos island’ but also after gaining valuable experience, as it was considered to be a success we took the initiative to broaden this field to upscale travellers experiences during their holidays!

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