Enjoy Greek Sun – Protect yourself like a Pro!

While summer means fun in the sun, we tend to forget the high risk of sun exposure and the importance of using sunscreen while being on holiday in Greece!

The Danish Cancer society’s new campaign, ‘Help the Dane’, to help tackle the fact that the Danes have the highest rates of melanoma in the world has gone viral! If you haven’t seen it click here.

So Kivo Art & Gourmet Hotel wants not only to support and inform all the Danes about how to treat Greek sun like a local but all tourists coming from all over the world!

Some facts about ‘Greek sun’:

  • UV rays are the greatest during the late spring and early summer until the 21st of June
  • Daytime hours between 10 a.m. and 4 p.m. are the most hazardous for UV exposure in Greece
  • Sun exposure is high risk throughout the summer especially during the longest days of the year

Kivo Art & Gourmet Hotel recommends the following easy options for sun protection:

  • Look at the SPF number – you want to stay 30 minutes in the sun without getting burned? Take action and put a sunscreen with SPF 30
  • Choose a “broad-spectrum” sunscreen – this sunscreen provides protection for both UVA and UVB rays. SPF refers only to block USB rays, however UVA rays cause skin damage and wrinkles so both need to be taken into consideration
  • Look for a water-resistant sunscreen – Whilst swimming by the pool or at a beach, if the sunscreen is not waterproof you will not be protected by the sun
  • Pick the sunscreen that suits you – Whether it is a spray or a lotion coat yourself properly and evenly!
  • Test it before use – just in case you have a skin allergy or skin problem!
  • Keep it fresh – Always check the expiring date!
  • Umbrella & Hat – Necessary combo!

Check out: To make you even more prepared before you decide to spend a long day out in the sun, check out an easy to use application called The UV index. This is an iPhone app on AppStore, in order to be informed of the expected risk of overexposure to UV rays wherever you travel in the world! For more info and download 

So, plan your next summer holiday and be savvy about protecting your skin!