Andreas Tsortanidis

Andreas Tsortanidis, He was born in Thessaloniki in 1947.

He was given his first drawing and painting
lessons by Andreas Zambetoglou. After lots of travelling in Europe and Africa, he
settled down in Germany where he studied Design and Painting in the Academy of
Cologne. He has taken part in numerous personal and group exhibitions abroad, one
of which was Koln Kunst in 1986.
In autumn 1997 he returned to Thessaloniki for good. Here he started experimenting
with new themes and materials such as wax, honey, butter, grease, etc. He first
presented part of this work in the summer of 2001 in Vlasti in the ‘Festivities of the
Earth’ and in Goethe Institute in November 2001.
In 2005 he represented Thessaloniki in Cologne during a cultural exchange program
between the two cities. In 2007 he had his work exhibited in Papatzikou gallery in

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